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Name: Luna

weight: (400?)/325/252/175

Age: 31

BirthDay: August 4, 1970

Sex: Female

Location: Mississippi, USA



Hobbies: Internet surfing, cooking, playing with my puppies, collecting music memorabilia (business related), crafting, EBAY!, reading, and watching good movies.

Occupation: online business

Comments: I live out in the sticks in Mathiston, Mississippi and run a small internet business from my home, selling music and memorabilia related to the British rock band, The Cure. I have a degree in Psychology and worked for a while as a Case Manager for emotionally disturbed children, but had to give it up a little over a year ago due to personal reasons. I plan to go back and get my master's degree in psychology, and am seriously considering pursuing something in nutrition now -- I would love to be able to help out others with my experiences. I have been married 7 years to a wonderful man who married me fat and loves and supports me no matter what I do or how I look. My sister lives with us, and she is my absolute best friend in the world and my personal cheerleader. I am very blessed. I don't have children, but have 4 dogs (too many!) who are all my babies.

I am so thankful that I found this wol. It has made such a tremendous difference in my life, and I wish I could share my discovery with everyone. I had dieted for 6 months prior to starting Atkins and managed to starve off 83 pounds (this is the first number in my statistics), but had many health problems. Since starting this woe, I feel like a different person.


"Updated 06/03"