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This site is dedicated to those following Dr. Atkins Diet, a low carbohydrate way of eating that has helped many people to lose weight. The Atkins Diet has been proven that it takes off more fat than any other diet on which you would be eating an equal number of calories. Of all weight loss programs, you will find that the Atkins Diet is the easiest diet on which to maintain weight loss.

There are four phases of the Atkins Diet which you can learn about on this site, beginning with the reference section . According to Dr Atkins, when we reduce our intake of carbohydrates, our body converts from burning carbohydrates to burning fat as fuel. This process is known as Ketosis. Ketones are a normal and efficient source of fuel and energy for the human body. They are produced by the liver from fatty acids, which result from the breakdown of body fat in response to the absence of glucose/sugar. Most other reducing diets restrict calorie intake, so you lose weight but some of that is fat and some of it is lean muscle tissue as well. Less muscle means slowed metabolism, which makes losing weight more difficult and gaining it back all too easy. Ketosis will help you to lose FAT.

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Being in ketosis means that your body's primary source of energy is fat (in the form of ketones). When you consume adequate protein as well, there's no need for the body to break down its muscle tissue. Ketosis also tends to accelerate fat loss - once the liver converts fat to ketones, it can't be converted back to fat, and so is excreted.

If you are new here and looking for tips on beginning the Atkins Diet, make sure to read the tips and Phases sections of this site which have information on Induction and other phases of the Atkins Diet. Be sure to check out the Atkins Diet Message Boards to meet others following the Atkins Diet or to ask a low carb question! Looking for Atkins Diet Recipes? We've got them Here ! You can also find some of the favorite atkins diet recipes submitted by our readers. Good luck on your weight loss journey!


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