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May 18, 2004 - A carbohydrate-restricted diet may be more effective than one emphasizing reduced fat intake in modestly improving triglyceride and HDL cholesterol levels, according to reports in the Annals of Internal Medicine. This finding counters the concern that the increased fat intake of ketogenic diets could adversely affect lipid levels.-

May 18, 2004 - - The claimed benefits of the controversial low-carbohydrate Atkins diet have been reaffirmed in two new studies, one of which is the longest study to date. - Pravda

May 18, 2004 - - The chicken industry has benefited even more than beef or pork from the high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets so popular with American consumers, according to a recent survey. -

May 17, 2004 - - The low-carb craze that's sweeping the nation has no sign of letting up -- and two new studies bolster the idea that cutting carbs is a good way to cut pounds. -

May 2, 2004 - - Consumers beef up sales of diet-friendly products as they turn away from bread, pasta and juice -

April 30, 2004 The proof of the Atkins/Montignac theory is that it works. Millions have found this out for themselves without any support or encouragement.

April 27, 2004 - Millions of Americans are trying to lose weight on low-carb diets. Food manufacturers have recognized the trend and are capitalizing on consumer's appetite for low-carb products. -NBC

April 23, 2004 - SALT LAKE CITY - A West Valley City couple on the Atkins Diet have a beef with a local restaurant after being booted from the buffet for eating too much meat. -Sun Sentinal

April 8, 2004 - To be on the receiving end of a call from an "infuriated" (his word) Robert Gage, hairdresser to the stars, is stimulating, to say the least. The man has strong opinions. He is "enraged" (his word) about criticism of the Atkins Diet that have arisen in the Star's Get Healthy Challenge, as a result of Darryle Cromwell's passion for the late Dr. Atkins' low carb diet prescriptions red meat, butter, cream, bacon etc. - Toronto Star

Feb 24, 04:15 - If you're one of the estimated 32 million Americans on a low-carb diet, you may feel like you actually crave carbohydrates more than ever. Experts claim there are many possible reasons behind the urge, including poor eating habits, lack of sleep and even a hormone called

Feb. 10, 2004 - The late Dr. Robert Atkins is being smeared for his alleged obesity at the time of his death, by a phony doctors organization that has been exposed as a front group for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and has been censured by the American Medical Association (AMA). -

Jan 20, 2004 - Many news sources find it necessary to throw darts at people who are following the Atkins diet. The most common misperception is that people on Atkins eat nothing but fatty meats and eggs. - Editorial by Linda B. Dunlap at The Columbus Dispatch

Jan 14, 2004 - The low-carb juggernaut shows no signs of slowing as more food and beverage marketers shed carbs.

Jan 14, 2004 - Snack foods company Frito-Lay said Wednesday it is introducing two new types of chips to capitalize on the popularity of low-carbohydrate diets. The two new products, called Doritos Edge and Tostitos Edge, will cut out 60 percent of the carbohydrates that are in regular Doritos and Tostitos. -Reuters

Jan. 13, 2004 -Burger King is offering Whopper hamburgers minus the bread and the fast food chain plans to introduce salads featuring steak, chicken and shrimp.

Jan. 13, 2004 Burger King plans to let its customers eat steak, along with grilled shrimp and chicken-topped salad as the company catches-up with competitors in a bid to attract high-protein dieters. -

Dec. 15, 2003 -The high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that's been proved effective in the general population may hold some potential for helping patients with intractable epilepsy achieve seizure control, according to a very small study presented here December 9th at the American Epilepsy Society 57th Annual Meeting. - Doctor's Guide

Dec. 10, 2003 -Along with helping some people shed unwanted pounds, the popular low-carbohydrate, high-fat Atkins diet may also have a role in preventing seizures in children with epilepsy, say researchers at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. -Science Daily

Dec. 2, 2003 -Note that the initial 2-week ban on wine really has nothing to do with the carbs in wine. Wine is actually very low-carb... -

Dec. 2, 2003 -Exclusive commentary by Greg Lewis -The Washington Dispatch

Dec. 1, 2003 - When Dale Simon's customers -- who come for the chicken-fried steak and rolls and stay for the banana split pie -- saw him drop 100 pounds in five months on the Atkins diet, they urged the now-218-pound restaurateur to offer the same low-carb items at his Dixie House Cafe on East Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth. - Star Telegram

Nov. 29, 2003 - The Atkins Diet craze is having an impact on the food industry in America..-Voice Of America News

Nov. 28, 2003 -A study by doctors at Christiana Care Health System shows that patients with medical problems lost weight safely on a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet, similar to the popular Atkins plan.

Nov 24, 2003 -Jimmy Jeong, The Journal / Kinesiologist Jeff Volek disputes criticism of the popular low-carb, high-fat diets.

Nov. 20, 2003 -The growing craze for high protein, low carbohydrate slimming regimes such as the Atkins diet is threatening the market for one of the staple foods of the West - bread.

Nov. 20, 2003 -Identifying the "bad" carbs, and learning the right way to read labels, can make all the difference on a low-carb diet. (Registration Required to Read Article)

Nov. 19, 2003 -The last place you'd expect to find a low carbohydrate menu is at a pizza joint. But the Idaho-based Smoky Mountain Pizza and Pasta chain is changing with the dietary times. -Idaho 2 News

Nov. 19, 2003 -Coors Brewing Co. said Wednesday it will launch a low-carbohydrate beer brand in 10 states on March 1, in an effort to grab a larger share of the expanding market for beers that appeal to people on low-carb diets.

Nov. 18, 2003 Subway hopes to make more dough with a new line of low-carb products unveiled Monday at Detroit area stores.

Nov. 14, 2003 - With diet gurus urging Americans to eat their meat but drop the potatoes, beef prices are surging.

Nov. 11, 2003 - Is it really possible to lose weight on a no-starch, high-fat diet, similar to Atkins, without hurting cholesterol levels? Apparently so, even for people with heart disease, according to the latest study on the topic. -WebMD Medical News

Nov. 3, 2003 - Ruby Tuesday Inc. is taking the trans-fat out of its food and offering 30 low-carbohydrate menu items today as it launches its new "Smart Eating"... initiative. -Knox News

Nov. 3, 2003 - The increasing popularity of the Atkins diet and similar regimens that sharply cut the consumption of carbohydrates is giving the baking industry heartburn -Boston Globe

Oct. 27, 2003 -It's a tough time to be in the bread business. Bread sales -- and pasta sales for that matter -- are down, and many in the industry blame low-carbohydrate diets.-NPR.Org

Oct. 23, 2003 -Study: Greater weight loss for low-carb dieters even when they consume more calories than low-fat dieters - Harvard Gazette

Oct. 14, 2003 The dietary establishment has long argued it's impossible, but a new study offers intriguing evidence for the idea that people on low-carbohydrate diets can actually eat more than folks on standard lowfat plans and still lose weight. ..Fox News

October 6, 2003: -H.J. Heinz Co. (HNZ) Friday said it would launch a low-carbohydrate ketchup and other new products, as it aims to expand key products and tap demand for foods popularized by trends such as the Atkins diet . -FOX News

June 21, 2003: -Last month, possible validation of Atkins' beliefs was delivered like an eloquent eulogy: Two separate studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine, or NEJM, showed that people lost weight after practicing the Atkins diet for at least six months and up to a year. - Ivillage

April 28, 2003: -Popular low-carbohydrate diets have helped millions of people lose weight. But U.S. grain farmers say that as a result, their own wallets are getting slimmer. - CBS News

April 17, 2003: - Dr. Robert C. Atkins, whose best-selling low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet was dismissed as nutritional folly for years but was recently validated in some research, died Thursday, his spokesman said. He was 72. - CBS News

January 8, 2003: -Coming on Monday, The Early Show will invite five women to go on a diet for eight weeks. This week, we take a look at the diets. - CBS News

November 19, 2002: -For years, some doctors have dismissed the Atkins diet, but the high fat, low carb diet might finally be getting its due. - CNN




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