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Russell B.

Name: Russell B.

weight: 374 / 350 / <250

Age: 43

Birth Date:Jan. 31, 1960

Location: Gaithersburg, MD

EmailAddress: russell.barker@globalsatcom.com

Hobbies: Motorcycles, any outdoors activity/sports, woodworking, early morning workouts, swimming, backpacking. Enjoying family and friends.

Occupation: Satellite Comunications Technician

Comments: Was feeling uncomfortable with my weight. Last straw was embarrasing myself when I broke outdoor lawn furniture and was the target of weight humor with my siblings. I had let it slide for two years after retiring from the USAF. Weight was a big problem in the military and had a real struggle trying to maintain thier standard's 232lbs limit for a 6'5. Lost 25 lbs in the ten days with Adkins! Drop me a line if you wish.

"added 06/03"