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Name: Joanne

weight: 163/155/105

Age: 31

EmailAddress: Angeleyes5264@AOL.com

Hobbies: I like writing and reading. My favorite author is Clive Barker I like to write short stories and poems.

Comments: Hello my name is Joanne, I just started the Atkins diet on March 7th 2003 I lost 8 pounds on the induction part of the diet and I feel so much better. I am very short, I am 4 feet 9 inches, my normal weight is 105. Some how over a two year period, I gained 63 pounds. I would always feel hungry and tired, but now that I have started the Atkins diet, I am never hungry and I feel 40 pounds lighter, even though I only lost 8 so far. I will stick with this diet because I feel that it was made just for me. If any one needs an Atkins buddy, feel free to e-mail me. Todays date- March 27th 2003 ATKINS FOR LIFE!!!

"added 04/03"