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Calfiregal (Dawn)

Name: calfiregal (Dawn)

weight: 220?/208/150 5'10"

Age: 30

Birthday:: Sept 21, 1972

Location: California

EmailAddress: dawnandjeromy@hotmail.com

Hobbies: I'm a volunteer firefighter for a small department in central California. I've recently receiveed my EMT certification and will be looking for work on an ambulance over the summer. I currently care for my 88 year old grandmother who suffers from advanced senile dementia during the day and my mother cares for her after she gets off work. We'll probably be finding her full time care soon so that I can work in the field that I love. Getting married April 26th to a man I actually met on the internet (hehe). We've been living together for 3 years with our cat and 3 adorable large dogs--nobody's small in this family, though I'm working at it. Guess I've written way more than anybody wants to read, but here I am. Love this site and this WOE. Dawn Occupation: Firefighter/EMT/Home health care FavJoke: Wherever you go . . . there you are.

"added 03/03"