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Name: Linda D.

weight: 234.5/226/149

Age: 56

Birth Date:July 26

Location: Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Email Address: ldunlap@ds.net

Hobbies: Reading, travel (especially cruises), casino hopping and new baby grandaughter (born 8/29/03)

Occupation: Retired Software Engineer

Comments: This is the second time we (hubby and me) tried Atkin's. The first time, he lost like crazy, I didn't lose an ounce. This time he is still losing like crazy and I'm losing steadily. Hopefully this picture will help me stay the course. This picture was taken at the log home my husband and I helped our son and daughter-in-law build. It took over 2 years and I DIDN'T LOSE AN OUNCE WHILE HELPING BUILD IT!!!!

Favorite Joke: A dog limps into a bar and shouts, "I want to see the man who shot my paw!"

"added 09/03"