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Name: Simon

weight: 244/235/196

Age: 37

Birth Date: June 7, 1965

Location: England

EmailAddress: swjs@isb21.com

Hobbies: Golf, Golf, Golf and probably Golf

Occupation: System Developer

Fav. Joke/Quote: That's about as likely as stepping accidently into Rocking Horse turd!

Comments: Married for 15 years with three great kids (13(G), 11(B) & 9(B)). When I'm not attached to my keyboard or being a taxi for the kids, I try to play Golf. Unfortunately / Fortunately with the new weight loss regime I have introduced an alien activity called "Exercise" which no doubt will take up most of my potential Golf time. Sorry, I forgot to mention, when it's too dark for Golf I can be found in the 19th Hole celebrating/comiserating. I tend to drink far more Guinness than is possibly good for me - Hence the weight of 244 lb. I can't promise to give up the Amber Nectar for life, but I will try to moderate it. I'm very lucky to have a wife that is totally supportive of my desire to control my weight. This site is inspirational and coupled with my wife, I'm positive I can finally get back to the athlete (Hee Hee) I once was. Good luck to all!

"added 01/03"