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Name: Suzanne T.

weight: 200/187/130

Began WOE: 09/22/00

Age: 55

BirthDay: October 20, 1945

Sex: Female

Location: San Francisco/Santa Rosa CA

EmailAddress: st1945@aol.com

Occupation: Software Engineer

Hobbies: I have a 50 gal aquarium full of fancy goldfish and a 30 gal vivarium with 2 Australian Whites Tree Frogs. I also love to travel. My Picture: I am the one on the left, brown hair and red flannel nightie. What is awesome is I had started induction and then went on this trip to the Ozarks during the second week of induction. I cooked all my entrees and took them on the plane in dried ice. During that week I stayed on induction and lost 2 more pounds! Will post an after picture when that becomes possible.