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weight: 165/144/135

Age: 41

BirthDate: December 12, 1960

Sex: Female

Location: Pennsylvania

EmailAddress: tinap60@hotmail.com

Hobbies: At this time, I have several goals going on in my life, but one interest that stands out is my returning to college and getting my degree in banking. After 23 years of no school, this old bag has been able to successfully accomplish the unthinkable....and yes, I am getting "A's" in all of my classes. I am determined more than ever and in 2 years you will hear of my college graduation! Hobbies, I would say dancing, I don't have the opportunity to do it much but I do enjoy it every chance get. Another is listening to old rock music and of course, traveling. Oh, I forgot something else, how can I forget the most important hobbie...shopping!!!

Occupation: Banking

Comments: I started this woe on April 1st after looking at a picture of myself and wondering what have I done to get to this point. I have never had a weight problem and I knew something had to be done before it would get out of control. Another factor is my age, lets face it, I'm not a young chick anymore! This board has been great for me. I could not have successfully taken the weight off without the support and cheers of all of you. Its not over for me and I plan to be here for a long time. I have seen too many of the members leave and come back to say that they have put back the weight. As I am losing, I am throwing out all my old sizes. Keeping them in the house will leave an opening for me to gain it back and its NOT happening again.